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When I started photography in 2013, I had no direction, no help, and if I’m being honest, no freakin’ clue what I was getting myself into. I picked up a camera and just hoped for the best, but it wasn't until I invested in education that I saw myself grow beyond what I ever thought was possible. I attended workshops and invested in mentorships to develop as both a photographer and a small business owner, and three years later, I was able to transition to a FULL TIME WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! Like what the actual heck?! I traded in my Texas Roadhouse apron in exchange for being able to live out my dreams, all because I decided to invest in myself! Now I’m passionate about educating other photographers and being the mentor that I always wished I had. Invite me into your business so I can help you grow your business into a place of purpose and profitability!

"Loraleah helped sling shot my business with her mentor program! Such a fun and made easy session from camera settings, posing all the way to editing. Truly a master at her craft and a blessing that I can call a friend. Nothing short of amazing and still is there when I reach out to her. Thank you Loraleah for all you dedication and time to help perfect the craft!"



Mentorships are one of my absolute favorite offering because I want to get to know you personally and help you on a candid, 1:1 level! These sessions can be done in person (in Upstate NY) or over a Zoom call, and literally no topic is off limits. We can go over editing, posing, workflow, how to book your dream clients, or even do a shoot together. To make sure we cover everything, I will send you a questionnaire in advance of our session, and during our meeting, we can deep dive any topic you like! I’m an open book and will pour my heart and soul into your questions!

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"Ever since I started photography Loraleah has been such an inspiration to me, If you have ever thought of doing a mentorship I truly cannot recommend her enough. She has helped me through pricing, weddings, editing, camera settings, lighting and anything i’ve had a question about she’s there with an answer. I’m so thankful to know her, she is an absolute gem!"



"I started mentoring with loraleah a little over a year ago. She literally changed my whole view on photography, in a good way!! She made me fall even more in love with my passion. She helped me turn my pictures into masterpieces. Before mentoring with loraleah I had a different way of taking pictures and I lacked in the editing department. She guided me step by step and even invited me to her home to help me one on one with my struggles. After mentoring a few times with loraleah, my skills at photography have gotten much better. It helps that she’s also a sweetheart and whenever you mentor with her, she’s sure to have food available. Lol. I truly appreciate all of her help in guiding me and sharing her knowledge!" 

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Last but not least your show stopper! Make sure your clients know that you are the real deal and loved by your clients.




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Ready to level up your business? Here are my latest tools and templates to help you kick ass as a full-time wedding photographer, and psst… there’s more coming soon!

the posing deck


Couples Edition

Remember that couple’s session where your mind went blank and you awkwardly stood there trying to think of a pose? Yeah, been there. 🥲 I created this Posing Deck to elevate the authenticity of your shoots and also to avoid the nightmare of on-the-fly posing. The deck is jam-packed with 100 different poses and prompts for you to use at all your couple shoots, not to mention tips for cultivating a comfortable, relaxed environment. I promise, I’ve used each and every one of these poses at my own photoshoots, and they work like a charm!



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